ashley (handsofheaven) wrote in oh_so_hott,

Depressed, confused or just wildly unhappy?

Laying in my bedroom, alone. Crying. The morning after Valentines Day.
I've been awake for over an hour, closer to an hour 1/2.
Wade didn't sleep in bed last night, he slept on the sofa. Actually, he's still down there right now. Not due to an argument or anything. He just fell asleep down there last night when we got home and I had already gone to bed... ON VALENTINES DAY!
This is how disconnected we are!!!!
I didn't know he slept down there until I woke up this morning.
I woke up confused. But I seem to be feeling that way a lot lately...
I went downstairs and told him he'd slept on the sofa. He said sorry and sent back to sleep.

why am I so unhappy?  "Only know you've been high when you're feeling low." Me and wade were definitely something noteworthy.  For some time, I thought we were perfect together. I don't know or understand what happened, but something's definitely not right. There's something missing. ThePassion never returned. Things are dwindling dwindling down. I'm broken hearted and wishing things would get back. Such a great guy, with good intentions. I love him so much.
So where's the flame?

he deserves better than me.
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