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(i dont know how to LJ cut and its not letting me on this computer with the automatic one, sorry!)

Name: Krystal!
Age: 17
Location: Portland, Oregon
Any piercings?: 2 gaged ears (2's) thats all for now.
Tattoos?: Getting my lip tattooed in April the day I turn 18, so I'll let ya know.

Favorite bands: Number 12, The Locust, Schoolyard Heroes, JonBenett, The Blood Brothers, The Bled, and Circle Takes The Square. Gotta love ABBA too.
Favorite Movies: The Italian Job, Mean Girls, Anchorman, Dumb and Dumber, Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club, The Descent, Underworld and Sixteen Candles.
Favorite Food: Sushi mostly.
Favorite color: I like red and black. Brown too.
Favorite CD: As of late, I would have to say Schoolyard Heroes "Fantastic Wounds"
Favorite Store: Naked City

Do You??
Smoke: yes
Drink: sometimes
Use any drugs: no
Have pets: a hampster, 2 fish, and a puppy!
Play Monopoly: nope.
Twister?: not lately
Dance: Yeah. you could say that haha
Go to shows: whenever i can.
Shoplift: no
Eat MEAT: yes. dont eat much red meat though. its bad for ya.

Why should we let you into this community?: Im pretty cool and I'd stay active.
Explain yourself: I am a very laid back girl who listens to music. I am on my last year of high school and lovin' it. i hope to attend beau monde beauty college next fall and to move out in to my own place with my boyfriend in the spring time. im pretty easy to get along with but can be quite the bitch.
What's your favorite thing to do on the weekend?: shows, party, and just stay home and watch tv. depends on my mood or whats happenin'.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years>?: I honestly don't know.
Eyeball licking?: What about it?
Promote to a community or some friends and post links:
There was no banner so I just told a friend and told her to apply!
Give me a funny picture to look at:

its hard to read. just look close!
One song you think everyone should hear before they die: "Blood-Spattered Sun Dress" by Schoolyard Heroes. Its a song about how fucking dumb girls are for leaving their friends for a boyfriend. Its funny. You would like it.
Do you like to read while you poop?: I do indeed. Fashion mags for some reason too.

blah blah.. ok

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