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Name: Koree Cote
Age: 16
Location: Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada
Any piercings?: Lip, ears [0g] plus cartlage pierced and Belly Button
Tattoos?: soon.

Favorite bands: HelloGoodbye, Gravy train, The used, As i lay dying, Throwdown, My chemical romance, tegan and sara
Favorite Movies: But i'm a cheerleader, Alice in Wonderland, House of 1000 corpes', Tank girl and party monster
Favorite Food:pizza
Favorite color: lime green, grey
Favorite CD: Clash greatest hits
Favorite Store: Value village, Thrift store.

Do You??
Smoke: yes
Use any drugs: yup
Have pets:one dog, two rats
Play Monopoly: nah, i play the harry potter board game...thats how i roll.
Twister?: always
SMOKE CRACK:...nuh uh!
Dance: All the time.
Go to shows: yes mam
Shoplift: used too..now i got a job +thumbs down+
Eat MEAT: nope.

Why should we let you into this community?: why not eh.
Explain yourself: umm, i'm pretty sarcastic, occaisonally bitter, gets bored really easily, obsessed with body mods [when i can afford them]. i'm pretty shallow too. and i take a lot of pictures.i'm also really flirty. thats pretty much me in a nut shell.
What's your favorite thing to do on the weekend?: shows or parties
Where do you see yourself in 10 years>?: nothing special i suppose
Eyeball licking?: please and thank you
Promote to a community or some friends and post links:

Give me a funny picture to look at:


One song you think everyone should hear before they die: Brand new: Guerica
Do you like to read while you poop?: depends if theres something in thurr or not.

blah blah.. ok

--AT LEAST 3 CLEAR pictures--

sorry i tend to make wierd faces.


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